Features of MASKLABO

A mask that fights bacteria, viruses, and odors

MASKLABO masks use the cloth made from the antibacterial resin.
Because the cloth itself exhibits an antibacterial effect, the antibacterial effect lasts for a long time.

  • Commitment to cloth

    Newly developed antibacterial mask

    MASKLABO inorganic antibacterial agent masks use an antibacterial resin cloth in the first layer, overlapped with a PFE (particle filtration efficiency) filter.
    It is a new antibacterial mask, the cloth of which is kneaded with an antibacterial agent (long lasting inorganic antibacterial agent) by a special production method. In addition, a special shape keeps the humidity inside the mask at 98%, preventing dryness.

    It does not control the growth of all bacteria.

    (Example) Long lasting inorganic antibacterial surgical / Antibacterial resin cloth / PFE (particle filtration efficiency) filter / Antibacterial resin cloth / ※Image shows an image.
  • Results of antibacterial test

    Experiment with Staphylococcus aureus

    Bacteria were adhered on each cloth and the bacteria growth was observed 24 hours later. MASKLABO masks can keep suppressing the bacteria growth.

    The antibacterial effect continues immediately after inoculation! / ※Survey by KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation
  • OEM/private brand production available

    Enhance brand power, increase profit margin, from planning to design and delivery into warehouse Leave mask production to MASKLABO that boasts 43-year manufacturing records.

    Antibacterial resin material cloth is used Available from / Available from a single carton to container / High quality is realized in an ISO certified clean factory. / Member of Japan Mask Industry Association, Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association

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