Bring revolution
to the mask

Masks that fight bacteria,
viruses and odors


Features of MASKLABO

Let's graduate from ordinary masks!

MASKLABO masks use the cloth made from the antibacterial resin.
Because the cloth itself exhibits an antibacterial effect, the antibacterial effect lasts for a long time.

  • Original cloth kneaded
    with antibacterial agent

  • Long lasting
    antibacterial effect

  • 43-year
    manufacturing records

Line up

Product lineup

  • Inorganic antibacterial
    agent is used

    • Regular

      Surgical mask for patients and doctors


      Long lasting inorganic antibacterial surgical mask for patients and doctors. Because of conformance to the U.S. standard for medical masks, this medical mask can be used assuredly.

    • Regular/Small

      Chiffon mask, a soft mask using antibacterial resin


      Soft as if chiffon
      A mask you want to keep wearing

      Soft as if chiffon. Because of use of soft cloth at the part touching the skin, this comfortable mask is free from discomfort that other masks are likely to have.

    • Regular/Small

      Four-layer mask that has long lasting antibacterial effects
      Four-layer mask


      A mask that fights bacteria, viruses and odors

      A mask that fights bacteria, viruses and odors. Because of the cloth made from antibacterial resin, this mask has long lasting antibacterial effects.

  • Regular masks

    • PFE filter standard mask

    • BFE filter economical mask

    • Industrial use two-layer mask
      (100 pieces)



English version site has been opened.
An official homepage of MASKLABO has been opened. Use for countermeasures against pollen, PM2.5 and viruses. Recommended for everyone.
MASK MASK LABO masks are available at major drug stores and dispensing pharmacies.

OEM/private brand production available

For mask production, contact MASKLABO.
We, boasting 43-year manufacturing records, can meet your needs.